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By DG Terry Geiger/Decatur County
What is your Rotary “Hot Button?”
As we reflect back on the experiences of the past 11 months, we can see the many different opportunities Rotarians have had to fulfill “Service Above Self” or to help promote “Peace Through Service,” the cores of what we Rotarians believe in.
We have seen these themes carried out day in and day out throughout District 6000 this past Rotary year. However, the more I have learned about Rotary, the more I have come to realize that each Rotarian must find his or her own “Hot Button,” the activity in Rotary that interests them most.
Rotary has five Avenues of Service that we subscribe to. Most Rotarians focus most of their energy on Community Service and helping make their own community better. 
Club Service is also very important because that is the environment where we have much of our fellowship activities, our club meetings, and club activities.
Vocational Service is what our organization was founded on when Paul Harris and our other original members looked at in forming our great organization. 
Ethics in our business and in our daily lives is also such a key element of who we are as Rotarians.
There is also International Service and what we can do to help people in faraway places. We are often  helping people and communities that we will never meet and we will never visit but that is also a key part of our service to the world. 
And finally, there is Service to Youth, recently called Service to New Generations. This is a favorite of so many because it is hard to deny that the youth are not only the future of Rotary but also the future of the world. 
And I like to say there are projects that encompass more than one of these. Our shoe project is an example of where we had the club, the community, and the youth involved to help children in South Africa (International Service). 
I express this to all of our readers to let them know there is something for everyone. Remember to help our newer members get engaged in their area of interest. Our membership numbers in District 6000 continue to decline. We seem to be inducting new members all the time, but are they staying in our clubs?  It is so important that we guide them to their area of greatest interest so they will want to stay a part of our organization for a long, long time.