Rotary Foundation Chair Dong Kurn Lee talks about the Foundation’s accomplishments during the third plenary session on 3 June.

Photo Credit: Rotary International/Monika Lozinska

If progress is measured in numbers, Rotary has entered rarified air in the fight against polio. Eighty percent of the world is now certified polio free, and two of the three strains of the disease have been eradicated, according to , who heads the polio eradication program at the World Health Organization.

Still, major challenges remain, including the  of the disease, the insecurity in endemic countries, and geopolitical tensions. In May WHO declared polio a public health emergency, asking the world to step up its vaccination efforts for international travelers.

"The world has decided it will do everything possible to protect the progress of PolioPlus," said Alyward, who traveled from Switzerland to Australia to deliver Monday's keynote address. In Somalia, for example, hundreds of sites have been set up to vaccinate anyone attempting to enter or travel outside the country. Six months after setting up those sites, not one child had been reported polio stricken, Alyward added.

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