The 2019 Log Cabin Days Parade is history, with great weather.  This was our final parade for 2019, with plans to walk the same three parades in 2020 to help The Help Hand. 90 food items were collected during this final effort of the year.

A challenge for next year is to bring more awareness to this effort because many comments were made during the parade that people were unaware of the collection effort.  Any ideas you have to bring awareness to the community should be passed along to Mckinley, Seth or Michael so plans to bring community awareness to the effort can be implemented early next year.


Rotary Club of Indianola started a project this summer of reaching to the community and asking for food donations that would be used to help those in our community who do not have the resources to purchase food and pay rent.

The goal of the Club's project is to help out during the summer months when donations are typically lower and to bring greater awareness to the need for local support.  

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Log Cabin Day Parade.