January Board Meeting Summary
The Board met this past Wednesday with the following items of consideration.
1. The Board approved sponsorship of 2 - Students to RYLA in 2014.  
2. Tim and Terry are close to updating the website with pictures of our menbers.
3.  Jennifer provided a WCLI update for the Summerset Trail improvements.  Warren County Conservation Board moved implementation of the improvements to spring 2014.
4. An Rotary Youth Exchange committee meeting is scheduled for Jan. 9th at the Brickhouse, beginning at 5:30 p.m.
5.  A motion to spend $400 as a gift to the Staff at the Country Club for their willingness and great work meeting our needs in 2013.
6. Simpson College will be contacted to obtain the names of Warren County students who are in need of financial aid. A Sophmore Student will be selected to receive a $500 scholarship for their Sophomore, Junior & Senior years at Simpson.
7. Members will be asked to review their name tags and let Arlen know if it needs to be updated.