Posted on Oct 02, 2019
Dear Polio Eradication Warriors,
Four new Wild Polio cases reported this week.          
October 24 - World Polio Day: One Day. One Focus: ENDING POLIO NOW!  Please plan your fundraising/public image event now.  
Can You Name Five ways Our Work Against Polio Fights Other Diseases?  The third is - Surveillance - The Polio surveillance system helps detect new cases of Polio and determines where and how these cases originated.  In Borno State of Nigeria, the surveillance system is now being used to find people with symptoms of  Yellow Fever.  Surveillance was one of the many tactics used during a 2018 Yellow Fever outbreak that prompted vaccinations of more than eight million people.     
Vaccine Derived Polio Cases - Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Syria, Somalia, Niger, Nigeria, Mozambique, Myanmar, Angola, China, Ethiopia, CAR, Benin, Ghana, Philippines, & DRC - Vaccine Derived Polio Cases reported in 2019 - 86:  Papua New Guinea - 0 (26 in 2018).  CAR - 6 (0 on 2018).  Nigeria - 16 (34 in 2018)  Niger - 1 (10 in 2018).  Somalia - 3 (13 in 2018).  DRC - 30 (20 in 2018).  Mozambique - 0 - (1 in 2018). Angola - 19 (0 in 2018).  China - 1 (0 In 2018).  Ethiopia - 2 (0 in 2018). Myanmar - 6 (0 in 2018), Benin - 1 (0 in 2018), Ghana - 1 (0 in 2018).   One hundred and four Vaccine Derived Polio cases were reported in 2018.  The possible Philippine Vaccine Derived Polio cases of paralysis, widely reported in the press, have not yet been confirmed as being caused by the Poliovirus and are still being investigated in laboratories there.  
Quote of the Day -  "We can rid the world of a disease (Polio) forever.  And you will be the ones to do it, through your continued commitment and generosity."  Gary C.K. Huang - The Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair, 2019-20
The Final Three Polio Endemic Countries:
  • Pakistan - Four new Polio cases reported this week. Sixty-Six Polio cases reported in 2019.  The most recent cases were 3 from the Lakki Marwat District & 1 from the Torghar District of the Khyber Pkhtunkhwa Province.  The most recent case had an onset of paralysis on 8/28/19.  Pakistan reported twelve Wild Polio cases in 2018.  Seven new Polio-Positive Environmental Samples were reported this week in Pakistan.  
  • Afghanistan - No new Polio cases reported this week. Sixteen Polio cases reported in 2019.  The most recent case was from the Tirinkot District of the Uruzgan Province with an onset of paralysis on 8/02/19. Afghanistan reported twenty-one Wild Polio cases in 2018. One new Polio-Positive Environmental Sample was reported this week in Afghanistan.
  • Nigeria - No Wild Polio cases have been reported in 2017, 2018, or 2019.  Nigeria is to be congratulated on reaching 3 Years without Wild Polio! 
   Our Goal is Global Polio Eradication!!
Terry Ziegler, Endowment/Major Gifts Adviser Rotary Region 26