The Challenge

    On the 17th of November, Rotary General Secretary John Hewko and a team of staffers joined Rotary members to bike up to 100 miles in El Tour de Tucson to raise funds for polio eradication.

    During the same week, three members of Rotary Club of Indianola participated by riding bicycles or spinner bikes and raised $635 which will be used to purchase Polio vaccine. 


Over 164 participated in Rotary District 6000's "Ride To End Polio" and raised a total of $14,951. When matched by the Gate's Foundation, the total becomes $44,853. 

    It costs an average of US$3.00 to fully protect a child against polio, including the cost of the vaccine and activities required to deliver the vaccine such as transportation costs, vaccinator stipends, vaccine carriers, chalk to mark houses after each visit, and dye to paint children’s fingers purple to indicate they have been vaccinated. A child must receive multiple doses of polio vaccine to be fully protected and therefore must be reached multiple times.The number of polio cases has declined by more than 99.9% from over 350,000 in 1985 to 22 in 2017.  Click here for more details.

Thanks Laura, Ron, Terry and everyone in Rotary District 6000 who participated.

"Service Above Self".  


For more information contact Rotary Club of Indianola at  

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