Rotary Club of Indianola's Michael Kleene asked if our club would be willing to support The Helping Hand by collecting food items. When the answer was yes, he added, "would you be willing to collect food items during the 2019 National Balloon Classic Parade"?

Again the answer was yes and an idea turned into a project.  Posters were created and distributed around town with boxes for people to drop off food items, in case they would not be at the parade on July 27th.  Social media advertising was used to bring awareness of the project to the community.  

As members of the Rotary Club gathered to participate in the parade, the mood was one of "we hope to get some food items" but more important to bring attention to The Helping Hand needs.

As the parade started, members walked along side a vehicle and immediately began receiving donations from people lining the streets.  Comments of "OH, I left mine on the kitchen table"  or "I wished I'd known about this sooner" were heard from spectators throughout the parade route.

In the end, 300 food items were collected.  A very successful project from a single idea.

The food items needed at Helping Hand change from time to time.  Visit their website or their Facebook page to learn more about The Helping Hand and the ways they serve our community's individuals and families.

So, does it end there?   NO!

The Rotary Board voted to continue supporting The Helping Hand by asking for donations during the High School Homecoming Parade and the Warren County Log Cabin Days Parade, both in September.  Plans are to continue with the same three parades in 2020.  Watch for additional details before each of the selected parades by following the Rotary Club of Indianola Facebook page.