Below is an e-mail response from RI Global Grants Committee to the Rotary Club of Ames about the possible approval of the Same Tanzania water project.

Rotary Club of Ames World Service and Global Grants Committee,

Early this afternoon I had a very productive telephone discussion with Rebeca Mendoza, our Regional Grants Officer in Evanston for the Kigogo Water Development Project.

She informed me that the responses we sent from both the Primary Host Sponsor (Rotary Club of Same) and the Primary International Host Sponsor (Rotary Club of Ames) have done a very good job in answering the questions that had been generated by reviewers in Evanston. They are ready to approve the grant. BUT!!!

She also informed me that the “stewardship” office had not yet completed their “technical” review of our grant; but would complete it by this Friday October 10. See Rebeca’s afternoon email below. I have yet to understand what the “technical” review by the “stewardship” office looks at!! We may learn by Friday or Monday as we continue to try to understand the Global Grant “black box” decision making process and actors in the process of the Rotary Foundation in Evanston!