The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to support the efforts of Rotarians as they strive to assist Rotary International in the fulfillment of the Object of Rotary and Rotary's mission.  That mission is the achievement of world understanding and peace through local, national and international humanitarian, educational, and cultural programs.
The Rotary Foundation was started in 1917 by Rotary International's sixth president, Arch C. Klumph.  The first donation was $26.50, the profit from the International Convention held in Kansas City, Missouri. It has grown with annual contributions totaling more than US$111.9 million, the amount contributed in 2005-06. The Rotary Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation that is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world.
The Rotary Foundation consists of three funds, which accept contributions from Rotarians. Click on a fund to learn its purpose.
To learn more about the Rotary Foundation please visit their website:   Rotary Foundation District 6000 
Why "Every Rotarian, Every Year?"
What happens to our contributions?
The 2004 Rotary International Council on Legislation unanimously adopted the concept of asking each of the 1.2 million Rotarians of the world to contribute at least $100 per year to The Rotary Foundation Annual Programs Fund.  If Rotarians reach that goal, the good that could be done in the world would be tremendous.
What happens to these funds?  The Rotary Foundation invests one hundred percent of the contributions for three years.  Then fifty percent of the contributions from District 6000 Rotarians are returned to District 6000 for Humanitarian or Educational activities sponsored by District 6000 and the District's Rotary Clubs. The District Governor and the leadership are responsible for allocating these funds to approved Rotary International educational and humanitarian programs.
Educational Programs:
With the dollars returned to District 6000, our District leadership has selected and funded three Ambassadorial Scholars to study abroad for one year for many years.  The scholars receive a grant of $23,000 to study abroad at a College or University of their choice for one year.
Humanitarian Programs:
Matching Grants
Many District 6000 Rotary Clubs become involved with a Rotary Club in a foreign country to improve the lives of individuals in their country through matching grants.  The Rotary Foundation Matching Grants is a system where Rotary Club Contributions are matched by funds from the District Funds, which are then matched, by available funds from The Rotary Foundation.  The International Rotary Club Partner usually has funds matched by their District and The Rotary Foundation.
District 6000 has been involved in 142 Matching Grants since 2001 totaling over $1.9 million.
District Simplified Grants:
District 6000 Rotary Clubs have the opportunity toundertaken community projects in their towns and cities to improve the lives of the members of their communities through District Simplified Grants.  During the 2005-06 Rotary year, 17 District 6000 Rotary Clubs received $38,000 for community projects, while during the 2006-07 Rotary year, $31,653 was allocated to 18 District 6000 Rotary Clubs.
How have we done?  Have we reached the $100 goal of giving to the Annual Programs Fund?
During the 2004-05 Rotary year, the Rotarians of District 6000 contributed an average of $96.60.  The Rotarians of D-6000 contributed an average of $96.43 during the 2005-06 to the Annual Programs Fund.  The 2007-08 goal was to exceed $100 per D-6000 Rotarian.  These goals can be met if each Rotarian will do their part!
District 6000 Rotarians support is critical to enable Rotary to continue to do service around our communities and in the world.  Realize that $100 per year is just 28¢ a day, or $1.92 a week.  There are not many Rotarians in District 6000 that cannot afford that level of support to The Rotary Foundation dedicated to improving their communities and the world.