RI President's Message

December 2021

Shekhar Mehta  

President 2021-22

Public health is on everyone’s mind due to the global pandemic that still threatens the safety of ourselves and our loved ones. In a sense, COVID-19 has made all of us much more aware of the roles and responsibilities of medical professionals than we were before we had to wear masks and maintain social distance. In addition, while moving through this pandemic, we have also learned about the role we can play in keeping others safe.

December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month in Rotary. The pandemic unfortunately has schooled most people on the toll that disease takes on our communities. But fighting disease is something that Rotarians around the world have been doing for decades. In fact, it is one of Rotary’s seven areas of focus.

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2021 National Balloon Classic

2021 was an interesting year for flying as the winds cooperated some days and not as much other days.  Even so, the general public understood the new ticket system that was implemented which changed the process Rotarians used to monitor cars as they entered the field for parking.  Several groups help our membership direct traffic each night during the event, for which we are very grateful. The 2021 National Balloon Classic ended on Saturday August 7th with a weather event that canceled flights in the morning and a rain event that canceled all activities in the evening, leaving no alternatives for the public that day.

Due to Covid19 in 2020, the National Balloon Classic postponed their 50th anniversary of ballooning in Indianola until this year with over 100 balloonists registered, along with over a dozen "vintage balloons" during the week. We are looking forward to 2022. 

Service Above Self.

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